Individual Counseling

Individual counseling can be useful to address a variety of concerns such as depression, anxiety, stress, attention, focus and trauma. 1-1 sessions provide a private setting to focus on your individualized needs. Treatment involves the use of proven techniques including CBT, DBT, mindfulness and other strengths based interventions. Individual Counseling includes an initial evaluation and assessment, treatment plan development and weekly 55-60 minute sessions. Depending on the level of treatment required more frequent sessions may be recommended.


Group Counseling

Group counseling provides a supportive atmosphere where a variety of issues can be discussed with peers in a confidential setting. The group setting can provide additional support and foster a variety of opinions and feedback. Topics discussed may include emotional regulation, anger management, increased self-awareness and interpersonal skills. Our groups are focused on developing resiliency skills to improve your over all well-being. Groups meet weekly for 55-60 minutes an contain 3-10 group members. Joining a group requires an initial evaluation to assess your goals for treatment and match you to the group that is the best fit for you.


Family Counseling

Family counseling aims to build communication, collaboration, understanding and problem-solving skills within the family unit. Family members can gain a greater understanding of their role and how that can impact others in a positive or negative way. Family counseling includes a systems assessment of your family to identify treatment goals and objectives. Family counseling can be a powerful tool in overcoming a multitude of issues including parenting issues, martial concerns, domestic violence, financial stress, illness of a loved one and other major life changes.



Couples counseling provides a forum where communication and conflict resolution skills can be developed within the context of your relationship. Couples counseling aims to build a greater sense of understanding of yourself and your partner to improve the overall health of your relationship. Treatment includes an initial intake evaluation and weekly 55-60 minute sessions.