Building resilience skills can empower you to take control of your thoughts, outlook and perspective on any obstacles you may be facing. Resilience is the ability to overcome the many challenges we all face in life. The main reason one individual is more resilient than another is not intelligence, genetics, biological factors, life circumstance or situations; it’s the way you think and respond.

Resilience Groups provide a unique forum for children, teens and adults to develop supportive peer relationships while learning resilience skills in an engaging and interactive format. Resilience Groups aim to build the following skills:

  • Learn how your thoughts matter and take more control of them

  • Transform negative self-talk

  • Enhance problem solving skills

  • Learn about and develop your personal character strengths

  • Develop a growth mindset, rather than a fixed one

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem

  • Set goals and achieve them

  • Learn to adapt and overcome rather than accepting defeating thoughts


How To Join A Group

Before joining a group you must contact us to schedule an intake evaluation. During the initial appointment we will identify your needs and match you to a group that will be the best fit for you or your child.  Groups are covered by some insurance companies. Groups meet weekly for 55-60 minutes. For children and teens ongoing parent meetings are required throughout treatment to reinforce skills, monitor progress and identify areas of continued concern.



“Joining the group and learning to identify all of the problems I was creating in my own head really helped me put my own thoughts into perspective. Suddenly, not everything was as bad as I thought it was anymore. Learning how I could build my own resilience has been a skill that has helped me be more effective in managing my own stress and feel more at peace.”

J.S. (Former Client)