Psychological Testing Services

We are currently offering a variety of Psychological, Educational and Autism specific testing and assessment services at our Fredericksburg location.

Psychological and Educational Testing Services includes the following:

Intake Session: A session with you and the clinician to gather background information and a detailed understanding of your concerns. We then determine if testing is appropriate and which type of testing would best suite your needs.

Testing Session(s): You and/or your child/adolescent will return for testing session(s) to complete the evaluation(s). Testing typically takes around 6-10 hours, and most often includes cognitive, educational, social-emotional, and sometimes additional specialized testing.

Supplemental Testing: If the clinician feels that any additional testing would be useful, they will schedule additional testing sessions and any additional fees will be discussed with you.

Review of Records: The clinician will review previous records from schools, doctors, or previous testing that you provided. The clinician may also talk with schools or other providers at your request.

Integrative Report: When testing is complete, the clinician will score and interpret the results of the tests.

Recommendations: Reports include detailed recommendations and referrals to help you address concerns identified in the assessment.

Individual Feedback Session: Once the assessment is complete, you will meet with the clinician, who will go over the results in detail and answer any questions you have.

Final Written Report: Once the process if complete, and you have had a chance to look over the results of testing and provide your feedback, the clinician will finalize the written report.

Specialized Autism Testing includes the following:

Behavioral Health Intake Assessment: At the first appointment a basic psychosocial evaluation is completed to gather information about your concerns and determine if testing is appropriate.

Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS): The “Gold Standard” assessment: This is an individual assessment completed one on one with the individual as young as age 18 months all the way to adults. It takes 45 minutes to one hour for the administration plus a written report.

Autism Diagnostic Inventory-Revised (ADIR): This assessment is conducted with the parent(s). It reviews developmental concerns over the life span beginning at age two and runs through age twenty-two. The interview takes an hour-and-a-half to two hours or more. Additional time is utilized for the clinician to provide a written report.

Gilliam Autism Rating Scale: This is a scale filled out by parents and teachers and scored during the initial intake. It assists with the level identification of the Autism and is included in the final report. The results are delivered at a parent meeting once all assessments have been completed. At this time a copy of the report is provided along with referrals and recommendations for treatment.

Psychological, Educational and Specialized Autism Testing and assessment is a significant investment. Most insurance companies do not cover psychological testing/assessment services with out strict medical necessity guidelines and often will only pay for specific types of testing when approved. We offer a flat fee for services to over-come this obstacle if your insurance company will not cover these services. Please call for scheduling and pricing: 540-699-0226 Extension 2 or e-mail

Final Written Report: Once the process if (should be is) complete, and you have had a chance to look over the results of testing and provide your feedback, the clinician will finalize the written report.